Classic Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies were being my 1st baking enjoy. They were being the initial cookie I bear in mind placing in the oven myself, often for the vacations, constantly wearing a kid-sized apron. I’ve made some robust opinions on the shortbread entrance over the decades, and I’m going to chat you by means of the variance involving great shortbread cookies and the kinds that are just so-so. Shortbread cookies can be the ideal cookie on any cookie tray (controversial choose, I know!), and this publish will stroll you by how. I’ve showcased shortbread many distinctive means on the web site around the a long time, but like circling back to this buttery, golden, typical shortbread edition.
Classic Shortbread Cookies

The Key to Terrific Shortbread Cookies

I must say insider secrets, plural, since there are truly a few that will help bump your shortbread activity from good to good.

  • Salt: Let us begin with this, it is an uncomplicated one. A great deal of shortbread cookie recipes are beneath salted, and that can go away them tasting flat and uninteresting. Many others phone for salted butter which can be good, but it is tougher to control seasoning ranges. I’m not declaring go wild on the salt entrance, but address it like a pillar component. It is the component that will deliver the toasted butter, sugar, and flour into best concentrate. 
  • Thickness: For vintage shortbread cookies like these, I like to go thick. I have observed that rolling out the dough to 1/2-inch thickness is too thin, and a full-inch is also thick. I purpose for someplace in the 3/4-inch zone. This permits for golden crust with crisp buttery edge and a tender center.
    A Stack of Little Shortbreads
  • Baking Time: I have offered guidance in the recipe for baking time, but in fact it’s all about getting an eagle eye and excellent nose listed here. Use your sight and smell. A whole lot of the shortbread I’ve occur throughout about the years is much too pale, practically white. That is not what I’m after. Shortbread that is authorized to get tip top rated tremendous-golden and toasted where it touches the baking pan, with a clean of colour in excess of the relaxation of the cookie is so a lot greater. Which is how all the taste will come to existence. It’s practically the distinction amongst butter and brown butter. Tolerance and attentiveness pays off here. Hover around the oven, allow your shortbread get toasty.

Ingredients for Making Shortbread - Flour, Butter, Sugar, Salt

Ingredients in Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread magic takes place when butter, sugar, flour, and salt come alongside one another. The record of components is amazingly limited, so you want to make certain each individual one is on issue. Be positive your butter is great-quality, and just lately obtained. You do not want the butter choosing up refrigerator odors. When in question, flavor. I also like to use a fresh bag of all function flour when baking shortbread, some flours can select up off smells and flavors when they’ve been sitting about way too very long. I am also a purist when it will come to shortbread and skip the vanilla extract you might see in other recipes.
Classic Shortbread Cookies

Make-Ahead Shortbread Cookies

The freezer is your mate here and shortbread dough saved in an airtight container or double wrapped in plastic can previous frozen for months. You can freeze the cookie dough pre-rollout or progress via the cutout phase. The moment you’ve rolled and slice your dough, transfer the unbaked cookies on to a parchment paper lined baking sheet and freeze prior to transferring to an air-limited container. Freeze right up until completely ready to bake.
Cookie Dough on Baking Sheet Prepared to go in Oven

Thick or Thin?

We talked a bit about this up above, but I have a couple other points to say. When it comes to basic shortbread cookies, I lean toward thick. On the other hand, if I have loaded the dough up with zest, nuts, spices, or other flavors, I have a tendency to use a rolling pin to roll the dough out a bit more thinly, cutting the cookies scaled-down for a extra concentrated experience. All of this is personal preference, of system. A person point to assume about below is oven temperature. For thicker shortbread, starting up with a a little bit hotter oven to set the dough, and then dialing it back a bit can assist avoid unfold. And with smaller, thinner shortbread you never have to fear about that as substantially. When in question, just preserve an eye on things!
A Close-up of Four Freshly Baked Shortbread Cookies

How do I hold my Shortbread from Spreading?

If you search at the photos above  you can see the change involving correctly chilled shortbread dough prior to baking (circles), and dough that wasn’t chilled very long sufficient (rectangles). The circles had their condition perfectly although the greater rectangular slabs experienced a bit of distribute. Yet another hour in the refrigerator or baking straight from the freezer will possible deal with that. If you are continue to finding also much unfold, minimize the time you’re creaming the butter and sugars, way too a great deal air getting incorporated into the dough can also trigger your cookies to distribute. Past, affirm your oven temperature is proper, if it is working reduced, you’re likely to have difficulties.
Classic Shortbread Cookies

Other Shortbread Cookie Tips

As soon as you have a shortbread recipe you enjoy in your again pocket (ideally this one particular!), you can engage in all over with numerous variables. They’re fantastic for Xmas and outside of.

  • Skillet Shortbread: bake instantly into a cast iron skillet or press the dough into a pan, marking with fork tines, then bake. In either case, mark the best of the dough with fork tines, to make certain far more even baking.
  • Try Substitute Flours: If you want to introduce other flours to this recipe go for it. I’d start out with 20% and make observe from there. Rye flour is often a terrific starting issue, oat flour could be nice, or buckwheat flour. I’m also curious about introducing a proportion of some thing like almond flour but have not experimented with that still. All would increase dimension and depth.
  • Sugar Crust: A whole lot of people love it when you sprinkle big-grain sugar across the shortbread dough in advance of baking. You conclude up with a crunchy sugar crust and some sparkle.

A lot more Shortbread!

I’ve baked and highlighted numerous shortbread cookies above decades and figured out a good deal. The Rosewater Shortbread Cookies and Toasted Almond Sables are my favorites in the over and above-vintage category, but they all are particular in a person way or one more.

Center Eastern Millionaire’s Shortbread: This is the Center Eastern Millionaire’s Shortbread from Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh’s Sweet. It’s remarkable for a quantity of explanations. Envision a crisp, shortbread base spread thick with a creamy tahini-halva mix, concluded with shiny tahini caramel. It’s outstanding, and a thin slice would make for the best handle.
Millionaire's Shortbread in Slices on Marble Table
Rosewater Shortbread Cookies: One of my favorites. Traditional, buttery, whole wheat shortbread cookies aromatic with rosewater, flecked with toasted nuts, and dried rose petals. They have a crunchy dusting of sugar on best that gives a fulfilling, sweet tongue scratch, and are punctuated with black sesame. They are the prettiest of the shortbread good deal.
Rosewater Shortbread Cookies
Toasted Almond Sable Cookies // Toasty, nutty sable cookies produced with full wheat flour, sliced almonds, currents and salted butter. They are a just take-off on Alice Medrich’s charming Full Wheat Sables, printed in her book Pure Dessert.
Toasted Almond Sables Cookies cut into Teardrop Shape

You can find also Apple & Carrot Shortbread, Hearst Castle Shortbread Cookies, Pine Nut Rosemary Shortbread Cookies, and Olive Biscuit Cookies. And then, beyond that, here are all of the cookie recipes and baking recipes. Delighted baking absolutely everyone!

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