Dr. Jessica Mack’s “More Than Meatless Monday” Initiative

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Meatless Monday was a campaign enacted to help bring back the veggies, fruits, and whole grains in a person’s diet. It started in the United States, and the campaign has gained more popularity worldwide as more participants jump on board for environmental and health reasons. Medical research has shown that lowering meat consumption helps minimize heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, among other illnesses. One person that is helping lead the way for meatless meals is Dr. Jessica Mack. She has helped people embrace and truly live out Meatless Monday and the vegetarian lifestyle through her recipes.

Dr. Jessica Mack is a certified Occupational Therapist, personal trainer, lifestyle expert, content creator, chef, and food blogger. She graduated with a Degree in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. She also holds a Master of Science Degree in Counseling and holds a post-graduate certificate in Educational Leadership and Policy from Long Island University situated in Brookville, NY. Additionally, Dr. Jessica is also a certified clinician, having received her Clinical Therapist Degree from the Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Jessica has recently completed a culinary program at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Dr. Jessica spent 20 years in the medical field practicing as an Occupational Therapist. She was passionate about her work and had deep interest and love for working with people with special needs. Her experience made it easy for her to interact with persons of all ages and abilities.

However, her career was brought to an end by significant illnesses that affected her ability to participate in various activities in life. As a result and while still young, she was forced to retire from practicing as a therapist.

But this did not deter her from realizing new goals. She created a way to find purpose while serving others. She began creating recipes, learning food photography, and the art of preparing meatless meals. She invested time and resources in her new endeavour and established the ‘More than meatless Monday’ campaign. Her intent was to share meatless meal recipes that can be enjoyed more often than simply on meatless Monday. She shares versatile recipes that have helped many people seeking to incorporate meatless meals in their weekly plans. The full-time vegetarians have also benefited in a huge way from her recipes. They are fond of sharing them with their friends, colleagues, and family.

While still battling with health issues, Jessica has been able to achieve success in her new venture. She has made several media appearances, launched a successful blog, and created a successful business hosting virtual cooking classes. Since the onset of the pandemic, many people have turned to cooking to spend time. Her website has been a resourceful tool to educate and inform people about meatless meals.

Additionally, she has trained in media, opening the opportunity for her to make a media appearance. The Doctors OZ Show, The Katie Couric Show, The Lifestyle Today Show, Long Island’s Oldest radio show WGBB and Sirius XM’s The Doctors Show are some of the shows on which she has been featured. She uses the platforms to showcase her fantastic cooking skills, share more about her recipes and general healthy lifestyle.

Though overcome with fatigue, weight loss, muscle contractions, and constant fevers, Jessica is still determined to keep going. She draws her strength from maintaining faith and focusing on her More than Meatless Monday blogs. She attributes her current success to her family and the online community that offers her a support system.

You can also join her ‘morethanmeatlessmonday’ community as it does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater. What’s certain is that Jessica’s meals are so delicious, you will not miss the meat!

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