Here’s How Rachel Leigh Prepare dinner and Matthew Lillard Brought Back again Their Primary People

Minimal spoilers in advance for “He’s All That.”

Rachel Leigh Prepare dinner and Matthew Lillard may perhaps have played fully various characters in “He’s All That,” but that does not suggest they didn’t acknowledge their authentic “She’s All That” roles. In actuality, they the two received to give a not-so-delicate nod to some iconic times from Laney Boggs and Brock Hudson.

In Netflix’s remake of the 1999 teenager vintage, Rachel Leigh Cook dinner is no longer the anti-social outsider. This time, she’s Anna Sawyer, mom of extremely-popular influencer Padgett Sawyer. Oh, how the tables switch. Meanwhile, Matthew Lillard is no for a longer period the obnoxious, thinks-he’s-cool-but-absolutely-isn’t man he’s the college principal, who brazenly mocks Gen Z’s societal constructs.

But, in the last minutes of the film, equally get to resurrect their “She’s All That” roots — at prom, of training course. Let us start off with our girl Anna Sawyer. After Padgett has her trope-mandated instant of clarity, revealing that (gasp) a whole lot of influencers never post what their lifetime is definitely like, she’s leaves the promenade, devastated in excess of seemingly not finding the person.

Anna though, being the devoted chaperone she is, sticks all-around. Abruptly, a familiar acoustic guitar rhythm starts off up, kicking off Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me.” Anna then starts to make her way to the dance floor with a cheeky “Why do I know this tune?”

Obviously, we all know why she appreciates that tune. “Kiss Me” was utilized as the concept track for “She’s All That” — it even obtained a “She’s All That” variation of the accompanying new music video clip — and was the music that swelled right as Laney Boggs and Zack Siler shared their fortunately at any time immediately after promenade night time kiss. We see what you did there, Netflix.

A couple of minutes later on, Matthew Lillard gets his time to shine. So, due to the fact this is 2021, Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” finally morphs into a dance remix. You see wherever this is heading, correct?

As Principal Bosch stands on phase, he starts seriously feeling the tunes, and dances. Slowly but surely but certainly, the kids on the dance ground see and start off hyping up those moves. In a split 2nd conclusion, Bosch fully commits and commences going difficult with his dance.

Any lover of “She’s All That” will don’t forget how Brock compelled everyone to clear the dance flooring at Preston’s get together so he could bust out his crazy dance moves. And we do mean crazy — there’s was no rhyme, rationale, or rhythm to what he was doing. Nonetheless, Brock truly considered he was the coolest man there.

“He’s All That” managed to lace in a number of other “She’s All That” easter eggs, including a choreographed dance at promenade and a heated moment the place Cameron finds out that he’s “a f—ing wager.” There was no “Be silent, be even now,” but we’ll permit that just one go.

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