How to Dry Brine a Turkey

Understand how to dry brine a turkey with this simple tutorial. Dry brine turkey will come out so moist and juicy all many thanks to the salting and resting system of a dry brine.

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What is a dry brine?

A dry brine refers to the salting and resting of meat.

Salting: incorporating salt to the exterior of a piece of meat, typically right onto the meat by itself.

Resting: letting the meat to sit and soak in the salt for a lengthy period of time of time

When it comes to turkey/poultry, salting the outdoors of the hen is significant mainly because it will basically draw out humidity and take in back again into the flesh so that the meat comes out tender and juicy.

Why should I dry brine my Thanksgiving turkey?

Dry brining is an superb way to make sure your Thanksgiving turkey arrives out both equally moist and flavorful. By allowing for your turkey to rest with salt on it, it essentially attracts out humidity and permits it to soak back again in, leaving your turkey tender and delicious.

Dry Brine vs. Moist Brine

A damp brine is related, but you actually soak the piece of meat in salted h2o for a prolonged time period of time to attain a similar impact of tender and juicy meat.

When it comes to dry brining vs. wet brining, it’s all about choice. We individually think dry brining is easier!

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What You Need to have to Dry Brine a Turkey

  • Kosher salt: we want to use kosher salt for dry brining, but other salts can be applied as perfectly.
  • Other spices: we like to insert extra flavor to our turkey dry brine with salt, black pepper, dried thyme, and dried rosemary.

Why we prefer kosher salt

The motive we like to use kosher salt is simply because it has more substantial crystals and does not clump! If you’ve ever gotten your arms damp/moist and touched typical table salt, you will discover it clumps genuinely conveniently.

Storage Container

Make absolutely sure to have an airtight container or plastic bag significant ample to healthy your turkey. We ordinarily continue to keep items straightforward and just use a grocery bag.

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How to Dry Brine a Turkey

Questioning how to dry brine turkey? Below is a speedy tutorial on how to do so. For the complete recipe, scroll all the way down to the recipe card.

  1. Prep Turkey: very first factors initial, remove the turkey from its packaging and pat it dry. Then remove any innards.
  2. Combine spices: combine salt and spices in a tiny bowl.
  3. Brine turkey: raise up the pores and skin from the turkey and rub the salt combination on to the flesh. Make guaranteed to get all components of the turkey — breast, legs, wings, etc.
  4. Enable rest for at the very least 12 several hours: transfer the dry brined turkey into a huge plastic bag and let it sit for at minimum 12 hrs or overnight.

How prolonged should I allow my dry brine turkey relaxation?

We suggest permitting your dry brine turkey relaxation for at the very least 12 hours, but it can continue to be in the fridge for up to 72.

Most up-to-date Thanksgiving Recipes

dry brine turkey on baking sheet.

You’ve Dry Brined, Now What?

Now that your turkey has rested for at minimum 12 several hours, it’s time to prep and bake as ideal! We have lots of good Thanksgiving turkey recipes on In good shape Foodie Finds and dry brine functions for all of them.

Roasted Turkey: check out out our classic Roasted Thanksgiving turkey recipe. Though it phone calls for a damp brine, simply just change that action out for this turkey dry brine.

Smoked Turkey: our smoked turkey is a reader beloved! It does simply call for a damp brine, but merely swap it out for this dry brine.

Spatchcock Turkey: spatchcocking a turkey is one particular of our beloved cooking methods since it cooks super quickly. Our spatchcock turkey really makes use of this precise dry brine.

Smoked Turkey Legs: even though turkey legs are currently built with juicy dark meat, a dry brine would do miracles for flavor!


A dry brine is really all about the salt, so you can increase other flavors and spices to the mix to actually make it your possess. Listed here are some spice suggestions to taste things your way:

Brining a turkey in pot.

How to Wet Brine a Turkey

Find out how to damp brine a turkey utilizing h2o, salt, and other herbs and spices!

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