Manufacturers of dehydrators

Manufacturers of dehydrators

A modern enterprise, Guangdong IKE Industrial CoLtd. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of Commercial food dehydrators and industrial heat pump dryers, as well as food drying rooms. IKE Industrial, which owns high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly automated production lines, established a new factory in Meizhou city in 2010 that covers an area of 63,000m2, and that produces 10,000 heat pump drying machines per month. Heat pump manufacturer IKE Industrial is the largest in China with a high production capacity.

It is a company in Guangdong. It specializes in the production and processing of food drying machines. In addition to IKE’s multiple product lines, IKE’s series of industrial food dehydrators enjoy a high level of recognition in the market. industrial drying equipment is in line with the highest standards of quality. In comparison with other products in the industry, the price is more favorable, while the cost performance is excellent. In order to provide quality services to customers, IKE prioritizes them.

The world’s most versatile food dryer machine is the IKE heat pump food dehydrator. Their durability makes them ideal for small to large businesses that dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, meat, pet treats, herbs, spices, nuts, and seeds, as well as seafood for sale.

Manufacturer of commercial and industrial food dehydrators since 1994

Our Mission

China IKE Industrial Co., Limited

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IKE Group has invested 60 million USD in Guangdong IKE Industrial Co. The company was founded in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, in the New and High Technology Industrial Park.

A modern enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of heat pump water heaters, heat pump dryers, and floor heaters, as well as stainless steel food dehydrators and air conditioners for commercial and residential use. In China, IKE Industrial has become the biggest heat pump manufacturer with the highest production capacity, having a planned area of 110,000 m2 and a completed area of 63,000 m2.

The company is proud to have developed a series of air-sourced products that are uniquely different and superior to the traditional products, thanks to outstanding professionals in technology, management, and marketing from IKE Group. The only way to surpass our products is to imitate them!

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