Paulding County Courthouse 8-26-21 | Community Information

Midland Credit history Management, Inc., San Diego, Calif., vs. Angela Becerra, Cecil. Income judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. James Baumle, Paulding. Income judgment.

United Federal Credit history Union, Columbus, vs. Kayla Warnimont, Antwerp. Funds judgment.

Paulding County Treasurer, Paulding, vs. Douglas Preston and not known partner, Grover Hill, Foreclosure.

Scott Haney, Paulding, and Minnie Haney, Paulding. Dissolution of marriage.

Michael Gamble, Paulding, and Ashley Gamble, Paulding. Dissolution of relationship.

Jerry VanCleve, Oakwood, vs. Jackie VanCleve, Antwerp. Divorce.

Randall Figy to Sara Wells, et al, Sec. 25, 12 acres.

Lowell and Teresa Gross to Lowell and Teresa Gross, Sec. 25, 5.784 acres Village of Junction, 8.616 acres.

Weldon and Georgianna Adkins to Georgianna Adkins, Sec. 24, Pratt Parcels, good deal 4, .517 acres.

Caitlyn Schmidt to Caitlyn and Alexander Schmidt, Sec. 25, 1.669 acres Sec. 25, 78.331 acres.

David and Deborah Wenninger to Arlen Stoller, Sec. 35, 1.403 acres.

Terry and Tameria Pollock to Terry and Tameria Pollock, Sec. 26, .567 acres.

George and Diana Prepare dinner, trustees, to George and Diana Cook, trustees, Sec. 5, 39.909 acres Sec. 5, 48.532 acres Sec. 5, 8.328 acres.

Gerry and Kim Shidler to Gerry Shidler, Sec. 6, 2.46 acres.

Gary and Jane Benschneider to Gary and Jane Benschneider, trustees, Sec. 23, 60 acres Sec. 23, 60 acres Sec. 23, 40 acres Sec. 26, 80 acres.

Thomas Heck to Thomas Heck, Sec. 26, 35.988 acres Sec. 26, 40.372 acres.

Jessica Miller to Jessica Miller and Tyler Danberry, Sec. 32, 2.93 acres.

Gerald and Lana Scouten to David Scouten, Block F, heaps 8-9, .261 acres.

Robby Gerken to B&M Assets Administration LLC, Johnson Incorporate., large amount 1, .125 acres.

Dovetail Development LTD to Rickey and Oleeta Wheeler, Rixsom South, loads 24-25, .4 acres.

Randall Lee to Randall and Judy Lee, Sec. 21, 1.52 acres.

Adam and Carly Hernesman to Andrew and Emily Horner, Hartzog State Aspect Estates, whole lot 23, .297 acres.

Kevin and Sheila St. John to Adolfo Herrera and Marisol Morales, Hixon Insert., great deal 1, .1 acres ton 5, .1 acres.

M&M Iler Holdings LLC to M&M Iler Holdings LLC, lot 189, .048 acres.

M&M Iler Holdings LLC to Village of Paulding, whole lot 180 and 189, .102 acres.

Arla Wolford to Devford Qualities LLC, Gibson 1st Add., lot 87, .148 acres.

Ocben Homes LLC to Stephanie Poulson, outlots, Gibson’s Subdiv., plenty 52-54, 2.442 acres.

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